Voice over LTE (VoLTE)

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) can help you fulfil the vision of mobile broadband over LTE, ensuring profitable high quality voice, video and multimedia service to your customers.

Data may dominate mobile traffic, but voice and SMS still represent more than 70% of operator revenue and are the most used mobile services.

As consumers expect and demand more services for less money, it’s critically important to reduce delivery costs if service providers are to remain profitable. The flexibility and greater spectrum efficiency of Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks provides part of the answer.

But LTE network architecture doesn’t include traditional 2G/3G voice services. Operators are now faced with the need to move beyond data only LTE, the basis for LTE deployments, and migrate voice and messaging traffic to LTE networks.

With VoLTE, you get the capability to provide voice and SMS alongside LTE mobile broadband in a profitable, reliable way, uniting legacy networks with the new mobile technology.

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What can Nokia offer?

Nokia's VoLTE solution offers a clear evolutionary path for providing VoLTE according to industry standards and without having to implement drastic changes in your mobile voice network.

Rich Communications Suite (RCS)

Our Rich Communication Suite (RCS) lets you offer your customers capabilities that will make the mobile even more central to their private and business lives.
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The business benefits

  • Competitive, high-quality voice service over LTE
  • Smooth roll-out with a fully pre-integrated system solution
  • Fast time-to-market – quick, easy service development on top of LTE
  • Full mobile voice service continuity – easy to introduce to market
  • Full integration with existing network back offices
  • Expansion is easy because all main core elements run on the same platform (Open Core System), which helps to cut total cost of ownership and protect CAPEX
  • Fully standards compliant
  • Economies at an industry-wide scale through proposing the default 3GPP architecture VoLTE implementation

Why Nokia?

Major operators and analysts agree that we are the VoLTE ecosystem leader. We are spearheading the VoLTE initiative (One Voice) with the support of over 40 major industry players, and provide IMS core to the world’s largest LTE network rollout.

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