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Mobile Backhaul

Increase the capacity of your mobile networks and make sure you can meet the growing demand for data services.

As data traffic increases and data tariffs continue to fall, making sure you reduce the cost of transporting data is vital.

With existing 3G networks being upgraded to LTE, HSPA+ and mobile WiMAX to meet increasing demand, transport networks are coming under strain.

Simply trying to expand transport capacity using traditional methods (e.g. E1 leased lines, PDH Microwave, etc.) does not scale to this challenge, as costs rise in proportion to capacity.

We can help you to cost-effectively upgrade your transport networks by moving towards an all-Ethernet mobile backhaul.

All-Ethernet mobile backhaul can help you achieve long-term OPEX savings while meeting the growing demand for data-hungry mobile services.

The business benefits

  • Meet demand for new services
  • Reduce OPEX in the long-term
  • Limit future CAPEX

Why Nokia Networks?

We combine best-of-breed products from our own microwave, carrier Ethernet and optical portfolios with IP products from industry-leading partners like Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks and Tellabs to provide fully-tested, end-to-end solutions.

Our solution portfolio offers a highly-tailored approach to every customer, ensuring the most efficient solution for every case.  Our end-to-end integration across technology and vendor domains ensures the best subscriber experience.

We are the leader in IP-based backhaul, with over 120 customers using our IP backhaul solution, with its unique packet synchronization capabilities.

Our innovative packet microwave portfolio is installed at more than 50 customers, with total microwave radio customers exceeding 200 and more than 1 million transceivers worldwide.

We are the largest IP integrator in the carrier space by wide margin with more than 800 projects to date.

Contact us to find out more about upgrading your mobile backhaul.