With NetAct by Nokia Networks you can always trust that you have full visibility into your network, ensuring the best quality experience for your subscribers.

It provides comprehensive management for all communications networks, including the most complex multi-vendor, multi-technology ones.

The explosion of data in mobile networks with new services and technologies calls for an integrated Operations Support System (OSS) that not only manages your network resources, but that intelligently captures and processes your most relevant customer-centric data.

NetAct provides a holistic view all the way from the network to the customer experience, responds quickly to changes and is automated to save time and effort.

NetAct by Nokia Networks is the industry-leading OSS.  By cutting through the complexity of underlying systems and solutions, it gives you a single system for monitoring, measuring, configuring and optimizing network resources and services.

NetAct, a key enabler of our Self Organizing Networks delivers highly automated management operations, helping you move towards networks capable of self-optimization, self-configuration and self-healing.

Give your subscribers a better user experience, by improving the quality of your network and your services.

Save up to 80% by automating network-wide configuration operations compared to performing tasks manually and with multiple systems.

NetAct offers holistic multi-technology and multi-vendor management in a single OSS.

Whether you’re managing your radio, core, or mobile backhaul network, you’ll always have the same comprehensive suite of applications.  Using a single OSS delivers significant cost savings, since you don’t have to change your processes or hire new personnel when introducing a new technology release.

With its off-the-shelf integrations for over 45 different vendors and various network technologies, NetAct’s multi-vendor capabilities let you access all relevant data quickly and easily.

The business benefits

  • Creates a better customer experience
    • Saves time and resources and reduce manual errors with highly automated operations
    • Quickly identifies customer service related problems
    • Provides self-optimization, self-configuration and self-healing
  • Improves operational efficiency
    • Helps you launch new technologies (HSPA+, LTE etc) faster with the same harmonized  tools and processes
    • Deploys off-the-shelf multivendor integrations quickly and ensures access to all relevant data immediately
  • Makes the most out of your network assets
    • Create new revenue-generating opportunities with our open OSS architecture that allows you to integrate NetAct with other systems
    • Provides a common, reusable platform across all NetAct applications, boosting efficiency

Why Nokia Networks?

Our OSS offering brings together pre-integrated software and related professional services across the network, IT and the entire customer lifecycle.

We have more than 800 NetAct installations at more than 400 operators globally.

We are the number one OSS/BSS vendor as measured by the number of publicly-announced contracts 2008 – 2010 (Informa).

NSN was the Informa LTE Awards Winner 2011 for the LTE supporting solution: NSN Self Organizing Networks (SON)

We were the first Shared Information and Data model (SID)-certified company by TM Forum for complete BSS/OSS.

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