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Give your customers the best smartphone experience

HSPA has turned out to be the clear number one mobile broadband technology, supporting more than 1.5 billion subscribers, more than half of which are served by operators using Nokia Networks radio technology. HSPA continues to evolve to bring many enhancements that boost network capacity and user performance significantly, and all are backwards compatible and supported by most new devices.

The business benefits

Leading WCDMA/HSPA+ portfolio for higher efficiency, lower costs and superior customer experience

  • Market-leading data rates
  • Continued evolution in smartphone support, unique features for the smartphone domination
  • Best smartphone experience and improved Quality of Experience
  • Reduced churn
  • Operators’ investment protection by a smooth evolution across all 3GPP technologies with Nokia Single RAN, via software upgrade

We are smartphone-ready

Early 2013 saw smartphones outsell feature phones for the first time, creating a storm of signaling traffic on HSPA networks. Nokia Networks is ready to meet this need with our HSPA RU40 and RU50 software releases, which further strengthen our number one position in WCDMA/HSPA.  The new software focuses on meeting operator needs by providing greater WCDMA downlink and uplink capacity, network elements and features to cope with increasing signaling, smooth WCDMA-LTE interworking, based on measurements, carrier aggregation for higher data rates and spectrum efficiency as well as efficient refarming and powerful multipurpose and energy-efficient hardware.

The latest HSPA+ features and Nokia Networks products are well matched to help operators meet many of the challenges they face today, including efficient uplink interference control, higher data rates, better voice quality and more compact products. Most of these features are widely supported by the latest smartphones, enabling features to be introduced painlessly and at the lowest cost.  Nokia Networks is a leading innovator in HSPA+ technology, has driven many 3GPP improvements and can provide the best  smartphone experience.

Nokia Liquid Radio WCDMA Software Suite enables operators to deal with the fast growing number of smartphones and move towards a 100-fold increase in uplink capacity, to boost the performance of multi-layered networks and to ensure that users get the performance they pay for.

Nokia Liquid Radio WCDMA Software Suite capabilities help alleviate excessive smartphone-generated signaling, resulting in increased network capacity, lower costs for operators and a great customer experience. Its main features include Fast Dormancy Profiling, Fast Cell PCH Switching and High Speed Cell FACH. For smooth WCDMA-LTE interworking, features like Smart LTE Layering, Measurement-based LTE Layering and Smart LTE Handover are provided.

Enriched with powerful capabilities like Dynamic HSUPA BLER, Voice Call Prioritization during High Traffic Load, High Speed Cell FACH, Interference Cancellation (IC), 4-Way RX Diversity, Mass Event Handler (MEH), in addition to Continuous Packet Connectivity (CPC), Multi Band Load Balancing (MBLB) and QoS differentiation, the Suite is a straightforward way to further boost existing WCDMA networks’ performance and capacity.

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