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Flexi Multiradio CDMA Base Station

Evolve to LTE while cutting operational costs by up to 70%

As traffic volumes grow, CDMA operators face the challenge of increasing their network capacity flexibly and in a cost-effective manner. This is set against the backdrop of ever increasing activity in LTE roll-outs and competition for market presence.

Our solution is the Flexi Multiradio CDMA Base Station, which uses a modular design to offer cost-effective network growth and maximum re-use of existing sites. Based on our Flexi Base Station family, this innovative product provides a smooth evolution path from CDMA to LTE, enabling the delivery of new capabilities as demand grows.

The Flexi Multiradio CDMA Base Station also achieves a high level of energy efficiency, offering reduced operating costs. Furthermore, the product’s compact size means minimal site space is required, making site location easier, cutting rental costs and making deployment easier.

Together these savings add up to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings of up to 70%.

The business benefits

  • Smooth migration from CDMA to LTE
  • Cut OPEX through improved energy efficiency
  • Up to 70% lower overall costs
  • Incorporates the latest CDMA developments
  • Compact size simplifies installation for fast time to revenue

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