Customer Experience Management

Turn deep insight into targeted actions that improve the customer experience and drive loyalty and profitability.

An increasing number of customers, 41% globally, demand excellent network and service quality, even if it costs a bit more, and they are willing to churn to get what they want. Unfortunately 60% of customers report having problems with data services. If expectations for quality aren’t met, operators around the world risk losing 40% of their customers in the next twelve months, according to the 2014 Acquisition and Retention Study Report from Nokia. Replacing lost customers is a costly task, hitting operator profitability significantly.

Customer Experience Management (CEM) gives operators a view of their customers and customer experience, enabling the entire operator organization to take focused action to resolve issues.  This helps to improve retention and boost revenues through increased data usage. Here are some examples of how CEM is helping our operator customers:

  • Latin American operator gains 2.5 million USD net value in 3 years from targeted campaigns
  • African operator raises 4 million USD incremental revenue and saves 1 million in OPEX over 3 years due to more efficient Customer Care
  • A European operator identifies 200.000 subscribers for up-sell to 3G with CEM

What can Nokia Networks offer?

Our offering consists of products (our own and best-of-breed third party) and services (including business and process consulting, systems integration, customization and optimization) such as:

CEM on Demand
Manage your customers’ experience through an innovative user-friendly online portal that helps to bridge your organizational silos.

Serve atOnce Device Manager
Find out how to manage your customers’ devices and enable automated configuration and smooth service uptake with Serve atOnce Device Manager.

Serve atOnce Traffica
Analyzing subscriber behavior is the only sure way to understand how your customers are experiencing communications services. You can trust Serve atOnce Traffica to put you in the picture and help you deliver the excellent all-round experience they’re looking for .

Services for CEM
The Nokia CEM Service Suite helps operators to prepare, integrate and use CEM effectively in their organization. Services are also a key building block in solutions like the CEM Umbrella Solution for group operators, and CEM for Loyalty Scores which helps identify and improve the factors affecting the customer loyalty.

Why Nokia Networks?

Nokia Networks is a recognized market leader in Customer Experience Management with a wide portfolio and knowhow across network and IT systems. In our CEM portfolio we have our award-winning CEM on Demand portal for operator customers to see what is happening in their network with a variety of dashboards or content packs. Feeding data into our CEM on Demand portal, we have our Traffica product, which is a unified and pre-integrated management system, serving 160 operator customers to date. Also included is our device management solution where we lead with nearly 19% market share.

Contact us to find out how our CEM products can improve your customer loyalty and profitability