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Liquid Broadband

Liquid Broadband brings new ways to create value from your mobile network by making money from content delivery and helping you to use your network resources more efficiently. Liquid Broadband is built on three pillars – end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) differentiation, Content Delivery Networks and Liquid Applications.

Liquid Broadband provides the tools for you to build an advanced content delivery strategy. It helps you to use your network resources more efficiently and ensure a valuable individual experience for customers wherever they go and whatever they need.

  • Video and OTT content delivery solutions focus on optimizing the utilization of the network while providing such services while improving the customer experience. It includes solutions like End-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) differentiation, video optimization, CDN and the newly launched Services for OTT management. Services for OTT management is a suite of services that can reduce the impact of OTT applications on the network, providing the operator with tools to better manage the network usage and guarantee a better experience to the end users.
  • Voice Services Delivery solutions focus on evolving the mobile voice service on LTE networks. It consists of our Voice over LTE solution and the products that complement it. Our launch is the telco cloud based IMS, the first of its kind in the industry and a fundamental building block to a more flexible and scalable voice service.
  • Liquid Applications is our third pillar. Enabled by the Radio Applications Cloud Server, it transforms base stations into a local hub for new service creation and delivery and enables operators to host content locally on the base station with QoS guarantees for priority content.

Unique benefits

  • End-to-end Qos differentiation improves utilization of radio resources and congested cells by up to 50% by prioritizing real-time traffic according to application and subscriber profile
  • Services for OTT management combines our NPO expertise with Smart Labs insights to optimize the usage of network resources. An operator in Asia was able to reduce buffering by 30% with our solutions.
  • Our VoLTE solutions are the most powerful in the industry, making the transition from traditional voice smoother and streamlining the process to launch new services in the network.
  • Liquid Applications provides capabilities for directly monetizing innovative applications and services by bringing new capabilities to the edge of your network and taking advantage of your primary relationship with your mobile subscribers.
  • By seamlessly integrating functions from all three pillars of Liquid Broadband, Nokia Networks enables operators to ensure smooth video playback with up to 90% less stalling. In addition, radio network load is reduced by up to 25%. These benefits are achieved by using Flexi Content Optimizer, policy management and new real-time congestion awareness to match video quality to each subscriber's device.

Why Nokia Networks?

Combining years’ of infrastructure experience  and service delivery capabilities with a deep understanding of end-user needs and behaviors, Nokia Networks has assembled a comprehensive portfolio of proven business solutions to help you meet the challenges facing our industry today.

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