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Making trains the first choice for 21st century travel

Travelers and governments around the world are becoming more and more aware of the convenience and environmental benefits of rail transport. If you're a railway infrastructure operator, you'll want to grasp this opportunity by increasing capacity, speed and security. If you're a train operator, you'll want to attract new customers with a superior traveling experience. In both cases, Nokia Railway Solutions can help you get further down the track by covering networks’ lifecycle fully, from design, implementation, and operation to long-term maintenance, with all the tools necessary for planning and managing networks and providing supporting services.

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GSM - Railway reduces costs by replacing multiple analog systems with a single streamlined digital radio system. Increase capacity utilization, reduce idle time and meet the signaling, safety and security demands of high-speed travel. read more...

Broadband on trains supports a rapidly growing suite of on-board customer and staff applications. Helps deliver improved security and an unlimited range of Internet-based information, news and entertainment services. read more...