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2014-02-19 | When the unexpected strikes: NSN has 3 new ways to keep networks running #MWC14

Virtualized OSS simplifies, automates operations to tackle unforeseen situations

Enhancements to the Nokia Solutions and Networks virtualized Operations Support System (OSS) enable operators to change large-scale network configurations in record time, and keep network operations running even if there are unexpected spikes in demand or in the unlikely event that a Network Operations Center (NOC) goes down. Operators will also now get automatic, real-time prioritization of network issues based on subscriber impact.

2014-02-18 | NSN helps operators automatically define the most efficient rules for Wi-Fi traffic steering #MWC14
  • Matches traffic steering to changing network conditions
  • Helps ensure good service for premium subscribers despite network congestion

Two Nokia Solutions and Networks innovations create the most effective way for mobile operators to take advantage of Wi-Fi in their cellular networks and overcome the inflexibility of standardized Wi-Fi traffic steering. Automated creation of Wi-Fi traffic steering rules eliminates manual work and achieves more effective load balancing for the highest network utilization, while enhanced ANDSF* capabilities enable real-time traffic steering based on network loading. Both new features are part of NSN’s Smart Wi-Fi solution.

2014-02-18 | NSN brings a new dimension to HetNet site planning #MWC14
  • Three-dimensional backhaul, radio mapping service speeds the deployment of small cells
  • Ensures high-quality coverage in line with traffic growth projections

Nokia Solutions and Networks has introduced three-dimensional (3-D) mapping to site planning activities, accelerating small cell deployments as part of Heterogeneous Networks (HetNets). Adding to NSN’s Services for HetNets range, the new capability substantially reduces drive testing and site survey visits by enhancing the prediction of radio and microwave backhaul propagation in urban areas to provide more accurate results than conventional methods using flat and low resolution maps.

2014-02-17 | Faster, safer journeys: Polish Railway expands GSM-R infrastructure with NSN

NSN to deploy mobile network on 440-kilometer stretch of major east-west rail corridor

Nokia Solutions and Networks will provide its GSM-Railway* (GSM-R) mobile infrastructure to cover a 440-kilometer section of Poland’s E-20 railway corridor. To optimize traveling time and help ensure safety, the nation’s rail network management, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe (PLK), has selected NSN’s solution to modernize communications along the tracks, linking central Poland with the country’s eastern border.

2014-02-17 | NSN’s quality chief named executive contributor to QuEST Forum board

Appointment underscores NSN’s focus and commitment to quality improvement

Deepti Arora, vice president of quality and member of the executive board for Nokia Solutions and Networks, has been named an Executive Contributor to the QuEST Forum board. QuEST Forum’s mission is to improve the quality, reliability and performance of the information communication and technology (ICT) industry. The appointment further demonstrates NSN’s commitment to quality improvement, and ensures a level of NSN leadership and involvement.

2014-02-17 | NSN adds new features to Single RAN Advanced, simplifies networks, slashes costs #MWC14
  • Three-in-one radio solutions reduce operator costs
  • Enhanced Liquid Radio GSM Software Suite frees up 55% of the spectrum for HSPA/LTE refarming

NSN launches six enhancements for its Single RAN (radio access network) Advanced* portfolio to help operators simplify their radio access networks and management functions. Fewer boxes, less cabling, faster installation, simpler operations and more efficient use of spectrum mean operators can achieve considerable cost savings.

2014-02-14 | NSN shares customer loyalty tips to help operators boost profitability #MWC14


  • CEM on Demand tuned to reflect customer loyalty measures, helps raise customer satisfaction and life-time value
  • Customer Experience Management Umbrella Solution gives wide-angle view of operator affiliates’ CEM performance
  • Trending and migration information on 70 000 device types from Device Portfolio Analyzer, supporting an optimized portfolio for driving data revenue

Nokia Solutions and Networks is adding a powerful new way to instantly gauge customer loyalty to its Customer Experience Management (CEM) offering. NSN CEM for Loyalty Scores provides operators with a near real-time view of the factors behind their customer loyalty measure such as Net Promoter Score (NPS)*. This allows likely detractors to be identified and causes of dissatisfaction to be pinpointed and resolved, leading to continuously improving loyalty scores and higher operator profitability.

2014-02-13 | NSN builds on Liquid Applications to create faster, more personal content and services #MWC14
  • Extends Liquid Broadband family of solutions for efficient content delivery plus network value-add
  • Utilizes cloud technology to enhance services including video and Voice over LTE
  • Offers advanced services for smarter applications and content management
  • Allows voice and data applications to be optimized individually for every subscriber

Nokia Solutions and Networks is enhancing its Liquid Applications* for accelerated content delivery and real-time utilization of network information by making use of advanced cloud technology within the base station. These new capabilities enable exciting new classes of services for consumers, enterprises and other market segments. The company is also further extending its Liquid Broadband portfolio to address all aspects of content delivery from voice to video as networks evolve to all IP. NSN’s new Services for OTT management helps operators improve the delivery of OTT content, resulting in improved customer experience. For enhanced voice services, NSN is bringing to the market the first telco cloud based IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), which helps operators transition to Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services rapidly and efficiently.

2014-02-12 | NSN helps operators simplify multi-vendor network and service operations

Signs bilateral OSS interoperability agreement with Huawei

NSN and Huawei have taken the next step in their commitment to cross-license the OSS interfaces used for multi-vendor management as part of the OSS interoperability initiative (OSSii). This bilateral agreement is the first between major vendors. Nokia Solutions and Networks’ continued emphasis on multi-vendor integration is readily apparent from its existing Customer Experience Management (CEM) and OSS portfolio, which have an extensive integration library and off-the-shelf adaptations. Following on from the previously announced Memorandum of Understanding, this new agreement will streamline and simplify the integration of OSS solutions spanning either vendor’s equipment.

2014-02-12 | New network-based security solution from NSN helps protect smart device users against malware #MWC14
  • Detects mobile malware and helps resolve the infection
  • NSN extends its strategy for building an end-to-end security architecture

Nokia Solutions and Networks has devised a new way to detect mobile malware, giving operators a competitive edge in defending subscribers against fraud, even when they have no anti-malware software on their smart devices. NSN Mobile Guard uses data* on the use of telco services such as voice, SMS and mobile broadband, and analyzes network traffic patterns, working faster than conventional systems that employ signature mechanisms and other generic methods to detect malware. Mobile Guard also notifies the user, blocks the affected services on the network and helps subscribers cleanse their smart devices.