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2013-02-19 | Nokia Siemens Networks Smart Wi-Fi makes mobile integration seamless #MWC13

Traffic steering capabilities create HetNet, give operators greater control over customer experience

Nokia Siemens Networks is launching Smart Wi-Fi to seamlessly integrate wireless local area networks (WLAN) with cellular, mobile networks. Smart Wi-Fi comprises four elements that combine operator-controlled Wi-Fi and cellular services into a Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) with traffic steering capabilities. This allows operators to select the best wireless access technology to deliver a secure, convenient mobile broadband experience for customers.

2013-02-19 | Nokia Siemens Networks selected by DOCOMO PACIFIC for 4G LTE in Guam

Nokia Siemens Networks is the sole supplier of end-to-end network

Nokia Siemens Networks has been selected by DOCOMO PACIFIC, a subsidiary of the Japanese telecommunications operator NTT DOCOMO, as the sole supplier for an end-to-end 4G LTE* network. The network has enabled DOCOMO PACIFIC to provide a stronger mobile data offering for existing customers on the U.S. territory of Guam.

2013-02-18 | Nokia Siemens Networks new software features create more broadband capacity #MWC13

Updated Liquid Radio Software Suites enhance use of GSM, WCDMA and LTE networks and spectrum to offer a better mobile broadband user experience

Nokia Siemens Networks is introducing a range of new features to its Liquid Radio Software Suites* to help operators address constantly changing capacity demands. The update includes a new LTE Software Suite as well as new WCDMA and GSM Software Suite applications. The improved set of features across the range of Liquid Radio Software Suites enable operators to move toward 100 times greater WCDMA uplink capacity to meet growing capacity demand. They can also help release 35% of GSM spectrum for use by WCDMA and LTE, and ensure that LTE networks and spectrum are fully utilized.

2013-02-15 | Nokia Siemens Networks simplifies network & service operations #MWC13

New suite of products and services addresses challenge of simplifying operations for mobile operators as underlying network becomes increasingly complex

Nokia Siemens Networks is launching a suite of products and services to help operators cut through the growing complexity of running mobile broadband networks. The new products and services are required as operators expand 3G networks, roll out LTE (long term evolution), and deploy small cells.

2013-02-14 | Mobile operators: Make it ‘love at first sight’ when you introduce LTE #MWC13
  • Nokia Siemens Networks enhances Customer Experience Management for LTE
  • Study shows up to 40% US subscribers considering leaving their service provider

Nokia Siemens Networks is enhancing its Customer Experience Management (CEM) portfolio with support for LTE (long term evolution). This will help operators ensure that their LTE customers enjoy the best service quality and experience from day one. The new capabilities in the CEM portfolio will be commercially available in June 2013 as a stand-alone package or upgrade.

2013-02-13 | Nokia Siemens Networks continues #1GBperday$ campaign with #MWC13 launches

Unveils Wizard of Cells that turns the work of mobile operators into a fun game!

In the run-up to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013, Nokia Siemens Networks will launch a series of new products, upgrades and services that demonstrate it is ‘Innovating for a world in motion™’. These aim to help operators deliver a gigabyte of personalized data per day to every user by 2020 – and deliver it profitably. The launches will culminate in an extension to the company’s ‘Liquid Net’ approach, an innovation that will give mobile base stations an entirely new role in the communications ecosystem.

2013-02-12 | Nokia Siemens Networks to supply mobile network for Polish Railways

GSM-R network will enhance security and speed on train line linking Warsaw and Gdynia

Nokia Siemens Networks will provide its GSM-Railway* (GSM-R) infrastructure for a major rail line in Poland. The nation’s rail network management, PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe, is modernizing this highly complex 35-station line linking Poland’s capital, Warsaw, with the northern Baltic port of Gdynia.

2013-01-30 | Vodacom Tanzania prepares for super fast 4G mobile broadband

Conducted successful trial with Nokia Siemens Networks’ radio and core network plus voice call system

Vodacom Tanzania recently conducted a 4G (LTE - long term evolution) trial in Dar Es Salaam using Nokia Siemens Networks’ Single RAN (radio access network) and Liquid Core* technology. In addition, the trial used Nokia Siemens Networks’ Circuit Switched FallBack (CSFB)** voice call system enabling LTE mobile phones to fallback to GSM and 3G networks for voice calls. With this successful trial, Vodacom Tanzania is now in a perfect position to launch super fast 4G mobile broadband services in Tanzania.

2013-01-29 | SFR launches LTE in Paris La Défense with Nokia Siemens Networks Liquid Radio

SFR has selected Nokia Siemens Networks as radio supplier to implement its 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network and upgrade its existing GSM and 3G networks in major French cities. Nokia Siemens Networks’ Liquid Radio* technology will help SFR meet its growing capacity requirements and provide subscribers with an excellent 4G customer experience. As part of the agreement, Nokia Siemens Networks is supporting SFR with the launch of its 4G service with networks in Paris and Paris La Défense European business district. Today, 4G was launched commercially in Paris La Défense.

2013-01-28 | Nokia Siemens Networks enables world first live TV broadcast via TD-LTE

China Mobile network transmits live, high-quality video of Xiamen marathon for broadcasters

For the first time in the world, TD-LTE* (time division duplex long term evolution) technology has successfully been used for a live TV broadcast. On January 5, China Mobile’s TD-LTE network transmitted a live video stream of the Xiamen International Marathon** to TV centers of China Central TV and Xiamen TV for live broadcasting. The TD-LTE network, solely built by Nokia Siemens Networks, exceeded required parameters to transmit high-definition (HD) video and images from cameras on the move, providing the best live TV experience, matching a relay via satellite. This technological feat ushers in a new era for future outside TV broadcasting using LTE.