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2012-10-22 | Nokia Siemens Networks wins significant mobile broadband deal with Indosat

Country’s first commercial WCDMA/HSPA network in the 900 MHz band

Indosat, Indonesia’s leading mobile operator, has selected Nokia Siemens Networks as its mobile broadband vendor. The company will provide GSM* and 3G mobile broadband infrastructure and services to deliver mobile services in 900 Mhz in Central and East Java, Sumatra, and Kalimantan.

2012-10-16 | Nokia Siemens Networks brings TD-LTE to Spain

Pairs with Consortium of Advanced Telecommunications (COTA) & Wimax Online on country’s first TD-LTE service, in 2.6GHz band

Nokia Siemens Networks, has provided the solution to successfully complete the first 4G mobile broadband pilot with TD-LTE technology in Murcia, Spain, ahead of a November launch for commercial services. COTA, a new player in Spanish telecoms, working with Wimax Online, selected Nokia Siemens Networks as sole supplier for a customer-focused end-to-end LTE service. The operator plans to launch commercial mobile broadband Internet access service using Nokia Siemens Networks TD-LTE technology by the end of the year.

2012-10-10 | Mobile operators: Are you effectively managing your customers’ service experience? #1GBperday$

Nokia Siemens Networks launches Service Operations and Management solution & industry-first capability center to help operators deliver excellent mobile services

Nokia Siemens Networks is launching a comprehensive package of software and services to manage the entire lifecycle of different mobile services. The Service Operations and Management solution combines insights related to service performance with operations functions to manage mobile broadband services and tackle service degradation before subscribers experience poor quality.

2012-10-09 | Mobile operators: Would your customers rate your mobile service the best? #1GBperday$

Nokia Siemens Networks’ new CEM on Demand content packs and services help prioritize operations, focus investments and improve customer care

Nokia Siemens Networks is enhancing its award-winning Customer Experience Management (CEM) on Demand portal by adding three, new, software content packs and related services. These content packs help operators pinpoint problems on internet-based maps in seconds and rank the individual customer perception of any problem they experience. In addition, they provide detailed trends in service use and experience for the customer care department.

2012-10-04 | Nokia Siemens Networks, Cisco, Harris first to complete initial phase 3 testing of public safety LTE broadband network

Companies demonstrate continued support of FirstNet’s goal of nationwide, multi-vendor public safety network for first responder communications

Nokia Siemens Networks, Cisco and Harris Corporation have successfully completed the initial section of the Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) program phase 3 Long-Term Evolution (LTE) Demonstration Network Test Plan. The public safety LTE test plan is an important step in facilitating secure, real-time, video, voice and data communication between emergency service personnel.

2012-10-03 | Mobile operators: Are you getting the max from your 3G network? #1GBperday$?

Nokia Siemens Networks combines three powerful WCDMA software features to improve profitability of mobile broadband

Nokia Siemens Networks has introduced its Liquid Radio WCDMA software suite to boost performance of existing WCDMA networks. Building on the capabilities of the company’s Liquid Net, the advanced software combines three powerful and complementary features. This approach aims to deliver faster data uploads and extract the full benefit from network resources and smartphone capabilities.

2012-10-02 | Nokia Siemens Networks closes the sale of Belgacom related IPTV assets

Nokia Siemens Networks has closed the sale of its Belgacom related IPTV assets to Belgacom. The divestment is part of Nokia Siemens Networks’ strategy to focus on mobile broadband and services.

2012-10-02 | Mobile operators, what’s your optimum mix of macro and small cells? #1GBperday$

Nokia Siemens Networks combines market-leading small cell products and services to help operators monetize mobile broadband

Nokia Siemens Networks is launching a new package of services to ensure operators have the most profitable blend of macro and small cells. The company is also launching a new, second-generation 3G femto access point that provides mobile coverage in the home or small office. Both launches are additions to the company’s Liquid Net portfolio, aimed at allowing capacity to flow through networks to provide mobile operators the best return on investment.

2012-10-02 | Nokia Siemens Networks sells IPTV assets to Accenture

Nokia Siemens Networks has closed the sale of IPTV assets to Accenture (NYSE: ACN). The divestment is part of Nokia Siemens Networks’ strategy to focus on mobile broadband and services.

2012-10-01 | Nokia Siemens Networks expands LTE portfolio to optimize spectrum use #1GBperday$
  • Supports LTE for Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT) 700 MHz frequency band
  • Introduces Liquid Radio LTE load-balancing, plans commercialization of carrier aggregation in LTE-Advanced

Nokia Siemens Networks today announced the expansion of its Long Term Evolution (LTE) portfolio. The company aims to help mobile operators increase their coverage and further improve network efficiency and speed.