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NSN‘s FutureWorks research and innovation creates the enablers of the high performance networks of the future to bring the Technology Vision 2020 to life. FutureWorks projects explore the possibilities technology can provide and turn these inventions into innovation - that means practical solutions which solve the major challenges of operators in the coming years. FutureWorks represents concepts, innovations and technologies that demonstrate possibilities (not commitments) for our future portfolio and roadmaps. Please have a look at our latest topics and publications, and check out the ongoing event Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge.

Showcase innovation

No more drive tests for finding and solving interference issues!

rfVIEW - A product feature innovation that remotely tackles radio frequency performance issues without needing site visits or drive tests, is now part of our LTE roadmap. After prototyping and validation through field tests with South Korean lead customers, rfVIEW project team has proven how this unique innovation can revolutionize interference detection and mitigation.

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Latest from FutureWorks

Whitepaper : Technology Vision 2020 Reducing network latency to milliseconds
Categories: Innovation, Technology vision 2020

There is considerable scope for operators to reduce the sources of network-induced delay and to reap the business benefits of doing so. There are three areas of focus for solving the network latency challenge – bandwidth, control and proximity.

Blog : POP for Open Innovation
Categories: Innovation

April 10th, Nokia Networks launched the Silicon Valley Open Innovation Challenge to seek transformational ideas around Telco Cloud and Big Data Analytics. Here are some statistics that describe what happened after our launch! 90 submissions were received 40% of those were on Telco Cloud, 40% on Big Data…

Insight article Network Planning for 600,000 subscribers per squarekilometre
Categories: Big data, mobile broadband

Pack a stadium with spectators and you have a real challenge for mobile operators. 30,000 subscribers in a stadium is the equivalent of 600,000 subscribers per km2. It is an extreme mobile broadband environment requiring the best possible Radio Frequency (RF) plan.

Blog 10 very smart people innovating for #NokiaNext
Categories: Innovation

Nokia strongly believes in encouraging the efforts of individuals and teams in submitting new invention disclosures that subsequently result in patents and enhance the value of our business. In order to recognize and applaud inventors with the highest number of invention disclosures accepted for filing new patent applications each year, the Networks business of Nokia celebrates the annual “Inventor of the Year Award”.

Insight article Cloud Application Manager: it’s not when, it’s now
Categories: Innovation, Telco cloud

The story begins in Budapest in 2009, well before Cloud became one of the hottest topics in the telecoms industry. That’s when chief architect Daniel Fey and product head András Boros first started working on a management solution for cloud applications. Their innovation would earn its stripes on the Amazon cloud and has since become an integral part of Nokia’s telco cloud portfolio.

Insight article A new way to drive innovation
Categories: Innovation

Nokia has adopted a progressive mindset for innovation, welcoming new ideas and information wherever they might come from.

Insight article Road to 5G mapped out in New York
Categories: 5G

More than 150 renowned academic researchers and representatives gathered in Brooklyn, New York, on 23-25 April 2014 to discuss the future of 5G.


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